PowerpaC Equipment Rental & Sales – In Medford on Main St! You Need It, We Have It!

Welcome to Power PaC Rental & Sales, in Medford!

Power PaC Equipment Rental & Sales is located at 2079 W Main St in Medford, across from The Blackbird! Stop by today and check out our inventory!

Call 541-622-0222!

Power PaC is open Monday-Friday 7:30AM -5PM, Saturdays 8AM-4PM.

They have the biggest equipment selection, expert staff to help with the right equipment, reasonable pricing and on time equipment delivery if needed.

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We have: Power Saws of all kinds, Chain Saws, Power Drills, Earth Moving Equipment , Air Compressors, Boom Lifts, Compaction Equipment and Rollers, Masonry Saws and Equipment, Fans and Blowers, Floor Equipment and Vacuums, Forklifts and Attachments, Generators, Heaters and Accessories, Air Conditioners to rent, Hoists, Jacks, Ladders, Lawn and Landscape, Levels, Lighting, Material Handling and Movie Equipment, Small Personal Lifts and Scissor Lifts!

We have all the equipment you need for your projects, summer, winter, rain or shine! Give us a call or come see us today. Power Pac Equipment Rental and Sales on 2079 W Main St, Medford, across from Dairy Queen and Blackbird store.

It’s Power Pac for Heavy Equipment Rental, Truck Rental, Crane Rental, Air Compressors, Air Conditioners, Building Fans Rental, Boom Lift Rental, Lifts, Compaction Equipment, Rollers, Concrete Equipment, Saw and Tool rentals of all kinds, Masonry Saws, Crane Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment, Fans And Blowers, Floor Equipment, Vacuums, and Light Rental. Come see us for Forklifts & Equipment, Generators, Heaters And Accessories, Rental & Sales, Hoists, Jacks, Ladders, Lawn And Landscape Rentals, Mowers, Mower Rentals, Chainsaw Rentals, Levels, Lighting Rental, Material And Handling Equipment Rentals!

Power PaC Rental and Sales
2079 W Main St.
Medford, Oregon 97501
Call 541-622-0222!

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