Veritas Integrative Sustainable Weight Loss Program

Medford’s Veritas Integrative Medicine Clinic is offering a new Sustainable Weight Loss Program with monthly health coaching and more.
You can find out more and help get those pounds off and look great for Summer with a call to 541-842-9433.  Or email Veritas at

Losing weight can be challenging!  With all the information out there online and on tv with fad diets and a never ending supply of people promising you the secret fix, Veritas Integrative Medicine wants to help you get the best weight loss program and guidance for true weight loss success.

Rebecca Bolling, FNP and Certified Medical Weight Loss Practitioner and her team are ready to help with a Well World App for inspiration, a personalized Nutrition Plan and most importantly, offer new group medical visits and classes designed to educated and inspire long-term change for you.

Ms. Bolling offers many other personalized health services and monthly health membership for her patients in the Rogue Valley.

Check out our 3-month and 6-month plans and monthly coaching and wellness checks so you can finally lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

If you’re ready to get healthy, lose wieght, and keep it off, these programs are for you!

Call Veritas Integrative Medicine today. We’re located off Barnett Road at 845 Alder Creek Drive in Medford.  Call 541-842-9433 or email us at

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