Central Point Perk Your Go-To Local Cafe

During these warm Summer months, you may be in search of a cuisine oasis with delicious local food, unique drinks, and most importantly, a relaxed and distinctive atmosphere.  My first suggestion to you, is Central Point Perk in the downtown of Central Point, the entertaining owner/chef/barista, Gustavo celebrates his third year anniversary today, Monday, May 13, 2019!

He brings to our Rogue Valley an eccentric and funky vibe to decor, food, and drinks! Each time I visit he helps me create my drinks to my taste and adds his own quirky suggestions.  My personal favorite drink has always been a raspberry latte, with Gustavo’s assistance I now order a white chocolate raspberry latte, the white chocolate does wonders!  It is such an improvement to my morning drink and he makes a mean cup of Joe regardless.  During another visit, he suggested a kind of spicy lemonade that I believe included, green tea, honey, and jalapeno juice.  I know, it sounds strange but it was perfectly thirst-quenching and delicious!

Gustavo offers a diverse menu with a wide array of choices made with local ingredients and he is more than happy to curate them to your wants, needs, and desires! 

Once you have ordered, you are free to explore the shop and find a seat, don’t worry Gustavo will be sure to find you and deliver your food or drinks. 

Upstairs there is a quaint book nook, I plan on escaping here to write, study, and sip on a rasp, white choc, latte. 

The building happens to be the second oldest in the entire city of Central Point, the appropriate “whimsical meets rustic” patchwork decor is expertly laid out throughout the cafe.  Among the numerous seating arrangements, there is firstly the main room where you order, if you sit here Gustavo will cheerfully converse with you while he creates your dish, and contagiously lift your spirits with his energetic persona. If you venture to the back of the store there is a bar, some tables, and a living room-style seating, a perfect place for socializing or a business meal.  

Outside is a greenhouse-like patio with ample seating and a convenient busing station.  Lastly, there are a few sidewalk seats where you can converse with a friend and enjoy the downtown feel of Central Point.  

I strongly encourage you to visit this fun cafe, say “Hi!” to Gustavo, invent your new favorite drink, try some yummy food, and experience a great time at this locally owned cafe! 

Visit: 117 E Pine St, Central Point, OR 97502

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 7:00am – 3:00pm  Monday: Closed

Call:(541) 363-7375

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Point-Perk/503362193404146

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