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Jackson County Library Services Announces New Logo and Visual Identity

Today Jackson County Library Services (JCLS) launched a new logo and visual identity, designed by JCLS Marketing Coordinator Ryan Bradley.

The previous logo was a green open book topped by a silhouetted oak tree paired with the name Jackson County Library Services. It was adopted in 2015 after the Jackson County Library District was formed and the former logo, based on County branding, needed to be discontinued. The new logo retains much of the imagery of the previous version, including an open book topped by a tree leaf. The circular background suggests community and endurance, and blue, the main brand color, is associated with qualities like wisdom, trust, and inspiration.

“Developing a new logo is a conversation with the past and future, an attempt to balance timelessness with something new and exciting,” said Kari May, JCLS Library Director. “In designing our new logo, we visualized libraries as a living, breathing, and evolving part of the landscape. We also thought about the natural beauty of Jackson County and wanted to bring forward the tree element that was featured on the logo we replaced.”

JCLS’s updated website is clearer, with more visual contrast to better comply with ADA standards. It also incorporates changes that make it easier to navigate and search. It can be translated into eight other languages and has a responsive design that will work on PCs and mobile devices with different screen sizes.
Alongside the new branding, JCLS also introduced six all-new library card designs to celebrate this step into the library’s future.

“A good brand becomes instant recognition—when you see it, you think of the company or organization it represents,” said May. “We hope that every time you see our logo, you will think LIBRARIES, and remember the role that Jackson County Library Services plays in your life.”

The logo will be phased into new materials and signage with a complete turnover within 6-12 months.

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