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Spotlight on Tracy Finklang of Blue Giraffe Spa, Ashland

Your skin matters and an esthetician understands how the largest organ in the body is often neglected by their clients.

For Tracy Finklang being an esthetician is not a job, it is a mission to help every woman on the planet look and feel comfortable in her own skin. It is a valuable undertaking and one that Tracy practices consistently at the Blue Giraffe Spa in Ashland. She has been a leading practitioner at this location for the past four years educating her clients about proper hydration, skincare regimens and retail products that make the task of caring for your skin easier.

“One thing I consistently explain to clients is how to keep their facial skin properly hydrated,” Tracy remarks. Her favorite retail skincare line is Glo ( which is carried at the Blue Giraffe Day Spa.

Since the skin needs about 64% water, you need to hydrate internally by drinking water, but you must also avoid harsh elements and replenish your facial skin moisture to look and feel radiant all the time. Even if you have never had a skincare routine, it is not too late.

The best place to start is to get a skincare consultation with Tracy and then a facial. She recommends the Blue Giraffe Essentials one-hour treatment. During this treatment, you will receive proper skin cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extraction if required, appropriate hydration masks, and sunscreen application. Additionally, you will receive a luxurious hand and foot treatment all while being cared for and tended to in a relaxing environment.

Often people do not realize how important the skin is to overall health. It covers about two-square miles of surface and accounts for 15% of one’s total body weight ( The skin also renews itself approximately every 28 days and can be incredibly tough to heal when issues like eczema and psoriasis occur. It is like most things – better to maintain your skin properly than treat it for eruptions and issues after the fact. But Tracy can help your skin no matter what shape it is in.

Tracy is proud of how she has been able to help so many clients. She explains one of her favorite success stories: “I have a client who came to me with heavy cystic acne resulting from a recent pregnancy. Her dermatologist wanted to put her on Accutane, a very powerful acne drug with unfortunate side effects, but could not, as she was still nursing her baby. She came to me desperate for help. I said, ‘Let’s see if we can keep you from starting that drug.’ We worked together every two weeks over about six months. My treatments and her “homework” (critical!) started showing impressive results.

Fast forward six months. I go to the cosmetology institute I had attended for a facial. A beautiful young woman greeted me with ‘It’s you! You fixed me!’ My client had not a trace of the issues that brought her to me months before. She showed off clear, healthy, radiant skin from a smiling face. She chose to enroll in Esthetics school so she could ‘do for others’ what I did for her. That recent story may be the best story of my career, so far.”

Tracy specializes in skincare education while providing her undivided attention to you, her client. Her customers range from the pre-teens to grandmothers and she also helps men’s skin as well. As a “woman of a certain age”, she is very familiar with the challenges to skin health like menopause, aging, sun damage, and dehydration. She specializes in corrective and mitigating treatments.

Tracy’s services include waxing, facials, microdermabrasion, peels, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, exfoliating body scrubs and even dry skin brushing for those who need lymphatic drainage or exfoliation and who cannot tolerate massage. After or before your services with Tracy, you can use the steam room or take aromatherapy soak in the oversized bathtub in a private room.

For information about services, check out the Blue Giraffe’s Spa service menu here:
The spa is open seven days a week and only closed for major holidays.
Tracy Finklang
Blue Giraffe Spa
51 Water St.

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