Construction Contractors Board Enforcement Sweep of Southern Oregon Nets Highest Number of License Violations in Recent History

CCB reminds homeowners to check the license before hiring a contractor

A multi-day Construction Contractors Board sweep of Southern Oregon found the highest number of job sites and violations in recent history. The successful sweep of 249 job sites uncovered 63 contractor violations, including 13 instances of working without a license and 8 lead-based paint violations.

CCB Administrator Chris Huntington reported, “This is one of our most successful enforcement sweeps both in terms of job sites checked and violations found. These coordinated efforts are a great tool in achieving our mission of protecting consumers while also leveling the field for contractors that play by the rules.”

The sweep was conducted on October 21st through the 25th in Lake, Klamath, Jackson, Josephine, and Douglas counties. Violations were found in Klamath Falls, Central Point, Eagle Point, Sutherlin, Medford, Myrtle Creek, Roseburg, Merrill, Ashland, Grants Pass, and Winston.

By law, nearly everyone who builds a home or alters a structure must be licensed by the Construction Contractors Board. Contractors who bid and perform work on homes built before 1978 must have a lead-based paint license.

The Construction Contractors Board offers many consumer protections to homeowners who hire licensed contractors. CCB’s dispute resolution section provides mediation services to homeowners in dispute with their licensed contractors. The CCB also requires all licensed contractors to carry a bond and insurance, to protect homeowners.

Homeowners who hire unlicensed contractors have little recourse when a home improvement goes wrong. Some homeowners choose to go to court at their own expense, but many simply give up and hire a licensed contractor to repair the damage.

Consumers can protect themselves by hiring contractors with an active CCB number. The CCB encourages homeowners to verify their contractor’s license on the CCB website at Anyone with questions can call the Construction Contractors Board at 503-378-4621.

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