Oregon Holiday Travel Tips

Get to the airport earlier

Even in Medford, the lines will be longer this time of year. According to a comment on Facebook, the one-hour pre-flight rule is strictly adhered to and if you are even a few minutes late, your tickets might be sold. The Rogue Valley International Airport site recommends that you arrive two-hours pre-flight. Keep in mind that Oregon has early-morning fog so, the morning flights out of Medford regularly get delayed or canceled. Sign up to get flight status updates on your phone. For more airport travel tips visit here:

Have a back-up plan

Do you know what alternative flights are available in case yours gets canceled? If you are traveling by car, there may be construction, accidents or weather that affects the route you have to take. It can be helpful to check road cams (http://www.oregontravels.com/_roads/sw_I-5atN.MountainAve_1637.html) before you start your journey. Here is another good website to check out before you go: https://tripcheck.com/.

Get your rest

Part of being prepared for the holidays is being rested. How can you enjoy time with family or friends if you are operating on a sleep deficit? Then, there is the issue of getting sleep while you are away from home. You may want to consider a neck pillow purchase before you leave. Check out this article on the best ones to buy (https://www.travelandleisure.com/style/travel-accessories/best-travel-pillows). Locally, Walmart carries them. Additionally, make sure that your earphones or buds are fully functional and noise-canceling before you go or else you will pay a lot more for them in airports or stores around airports.

Have access to funds

You cannot get a rental car with cash or a debit card so be sure to have a credit card with you. Even hotels do not often take cash. If you lose your wallet or cards, can someone wire money into an account for you or do you have a joint account to access? Have your access codes or pin numbers stored somewhere on your person for emergencies. If you do not have your driver’s license, how will you walk into a bank and get the money? Keep another form of ID packed in case of a stolen purse or wallet. Make sure all contact numbers are in your phone in case you need to rely on friends for support.

Be patient

If you are trying to get to the Coast during the holidays, two-lane roads can cause slow-downs. Knowing there is potential for slow travel can put you in the right perspective to enjoy a slower pace instead of raising your blood pressure. Have some good music on hand for the drive or available while waiting at the airport. Here are some tips for Coastal travels: https://www.tripsavvy.com/oregon-coast-visitor-tips-1608864.

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