BLM Maps and GIS Data Now Available Online!

Maps, ownership, and orientation are increasingly important in today’s complex world. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Oregon and Washington is excited to announce a new publicly available data library that allows access to geospatial data sets for such diverse land management programs as wildland fire, hydrography, minerals, range, vegetation, wildlife, and much more!

Also available is an interactive data viewer that will help the public to determine if they are on BLM land and will also help determine the correct township/range of an individual location. This interactive data viewer will assist in finding out details about BLM-managed lands and allow the public to print custom maps for their needs.

In addition to releasing geospatial data for Oregon and Washington public lands, the BLM is also releasing free maps associated with the Dingell Act (Public Law 116-9) designation of approximately 200 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the Coos Bay, Medford, and Northwest Oregon Districts.  Oregon now has 34 of the 81 wild and scenic rivers managed nationally by the BLM or over 1,010 miles of roughly 2,700 total miles across the country.

All these resources are now online and available for download!

GIS Data:

Interactive Mapping Data Viewer:

Wild and Scenic River Maps:

Wild Horse Creek Wild and Scenic River

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