Never Underestimate The Power of Sound; Get to Know WaveTonix Wellness

How did Kirra Siriani get from aesthetics to sound wave therapy? It has been quite a ride but the owner of WaveTonix Wellness (270 Fourth St.) is only looking forward to the next big one – the wave of people open to experiencing this unique approach to healing, that is. As a female starting a business, she had some obstacles.

“I recognized that my greatest challenge was approaching potential investors and being taken seriously as a woman, as well as selling an idea for a business that doesn’t fall into the mainstream.”

Currently celebrating her one year anniversary as a business owner, she has set aside the doubts she initially felt. “While being so fully committed to stepping into the unknown of starting a small business, in a small town bringing a service to this community so out of the ordinary, there were inner hardships I had to move through, and can honestly say twice I came close to letting it all go,” she explains.

But after being at it for a year, she has learned and grown. Basically, Kirra does not underestimate the power of women business owners nor of sound healing! “I have regulars now who report their system is more responsive to further sound-wave treatment. It’s like the first one blasts them open, so the nervous system can calm down and become balanced,” she says.

What can you expect if you visit WaveTonix Wellness? Sound-Wave therapy is low-frequency acoustic pressure emitted through a transducer producing a 630-hertz frequency creating waves. The treatment is categorized as non-invasive, safe, and only contraindicated if you are pregnant. The technology holds 3 United States medical patents and is FDA cleared.

Many do sound healing at home, so how is sound-wave therapy different than using crystal bowls for sound healing? Kirra states, “Depending on the frequency the crystal bowl has been ‘tuned’ to, they work with different parts of the body. Crystal bowl therapy does in fact produce sound vibration which positively affects the body in many ways. In sound-wave therapy, the vibrations target the entire body. Moving through mass, whether it’s atmosphere or water, cells respond by moving in rhythm with the sound waves.”

The whole process is credited with reducing inflammation and pain, resetting the autonomic nervous system putting us into a parasympathetic state, enhancing mitochondria for better cell health, strengthening the lymphatic system by removing fluid from tissues, while improving blood flow and circulation by raising nitric oxide levels and dilating or widening the blood vessels.

One man, recovering from lower leg surgery, says he could walk and stand without pain after the first treatment. Another older gentleman told me he had “out of body experiences” and falls asleep during sessions.

Kirra shares this testimonial from a client, “What I like best about wave therapy is how deeply I relax when sitting in front of the machine. The experience in my body is very similar to a Cranial-Sacral treatment. I feel a great reduction in anxiety and always sleep better and deeper after a wave therapy session. For me, stress reduction is key to staying healthy.”

For a more scientific understanding of how important mitochondria is to health, check out the 2014 Journal of Immunology Research ( which reports, “A growing body of evidence links mitochondria to immunity in the basic scientific literature. Mitochondria function as signaling platforms and participate in effector responses, most notably in the innate immune response to cellular damage, stress, and infection by pathogens-particularly viral-via linkages to effectors of pattern recognition receptor (PRR) signaling. PRRs recognize extracellular or intracellular highly conserved motifs termed pathogen-associated molecular patterns presented by infectious Agents.”

Ready to catch the waves? Kirra is an open person who likes discussing people’s health journeys and offering her support. To discuss the pricing structure or find out if this therapy is right for you, visit her website at

As Edgar Cayce said back in the 1940s….”Sound will be the medicine of the future”

WaveTonix Wellness
270 Fourth St.

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