Puck’s Donuts of Phoenix, a Local Delight!

Unfortunately, we are sad to learn that Puck’s Donuts in Phoenix was destroyed in the recent 2020 Almeda fire that gutted the Phoenix-Talent, Oregon area. This location was lost. We are leaving up our great feature article as a tribute to the store.

The famous Puck’s Donuts in Phoenix, fire in the recent fire.

After the fire, the owners had this statement:

Our bright pink little box remains ever hopeful. Seemingly fitting, that the only damage to it is slight closure of the lid. As if to say, “stay resilient”. Not “goodbye”, but “see you later”. What’s next? I’m not sure. My parents say, “we will rebuild.” Of course they do. They always have. Be well, stay safe, and take good care of each other out there.

there is another Puck’s in Medford on W. Main St. near the Albertsons owned by another family member.

Meantime, here on RogueValleyMagazine.com, let’s remember a favorite… Puck’s Donuts, with our story about them. 

Puck’s Donuts of Phoenix, 109 S Main Street; on the corner of Main and First.

The donut counter

This humble little mom ‘n pop donut shop tucked in the center of Phoenix offers the most delectable, delicious donuts ever. Their slogan, “best donuts in town” is a substantial understatement. Seriously, they make the best donuts in the world! Actually, they’re the best donuts in the known universe! And my husband and I have traveled extensively, with disappointing donuts eaten continent-wide. Nothing compares to the quality of Puck’s of Phoenix – and we are very lucky to have them right here in the Rogue Valley.

A sampler of Puck’s delicious donuts.

Cream-filled chocolate-covered bars are my personal ticket to donut bliss, but the devil’s food cake donuts are amazing for taste and texture as well. As you can see from the photo, there is a wide assortment to choose from. You be the judge. They are moist, sweet, super fresh and they simply melt in your mouth with confectionary goodness.

Outside dining at Puck’s

If you’re not in a hurry, it is wonderful to sit out on the patio to savor your pastry there in the sunshine; or, if the weather isn’t to your liking, you can sit inside and see if you recognize any neighbors at the counter.

I am not sure how they make such world-class donuts, but I suspect getting up before dawn and putting lots of love in the batter might be part of the successful recipe.

Of course, donuts are somewhat fattening, right? So what we do to balance it all out, is to do a brisk walk first. We park the car at Colver Road Park, hike what we call “the Phoenix Hill” (the hilly Elm Street neighborhood loop that offers a great view of the valley from the top), then polish it off with a donut or two from Puck’s.

Weekdays keep in mind that Puck’s is located right across from the bus stop, so if you’re an RVTD rider, you can pop in for an apple fritter or another treat before hopping on the bus to get to work.

Owner Mim, Puck’s Donuts Phoenix Oregon

The owners, Kimo and Mim deserve exceptional kudos as far as we’re concerned. They are a kind, caring, hard-working couple, and they will soon become a part of your Rogue Valley neighborhood family if you become a Puck’s regular.

See more about Puck’s Donuts here on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

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