Help Find Fauna Frey Rally in Grants Pass Tuesday, June 29th Noon to 3

We would love your support!! We are doing a peaceful rally in Grants Pass on June 29th at:500 NW 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 To Bring About Awareness



June 29th will be one year, 365 days……….💔8760 hours……….💔525600 minutes……….💔since our beloved friend went missing.

Fauna Frey

Here’s disturbing evidence of how missing person’s are shuffled to the lowest level of crime investigations:

— The fingerprints found inside the car of the missing woman who was last seen in Grants Pass almost a year ago have not even been processed. Fauna Frey’s family continues to search for her and Scott McKee, a law enforcement consultant is assisting them with the search.

Frey was last heard from on June 28, when she called her father from a motel. She drove to the Grants Pass area to connect with friends while coping with the loss of her brother. Her car was found on Sept. 23 on Reuben Mountain Road, a few miles past Grave Creek Boat Landing, Frey was nowhere in sight.

“Fauna’s vehicle was found on a dead-end spur off of a mining road in rural Josephine County,” McKee said. “The Oregon State Police processed Fauna’s vehicle for evidence and trace evidence.”

McKee, a retired police officer with 35 years of experience explained the evidence found included some of her belongings, food she had just purchased, and fingerprints.

“By necessity and because of their workload, the Oregon State Police crime lab prioritizes their work based on their own criteria, and a cold missing person case is understandably a little lower on the priority list,” McKee noted.

He said the fingerprints have yet to be processed because there is no evidence that a crime was committed.

“It would be different in a higher priority if it was a witnessed abduction or there was evidence of foul play in her vehicle or surrounding the vehicle, but there really isn’t,” he said.

Fauna Frey is described as a white woman, who has blue eyes and blonde hair, she is around 5’6” in height and has a tattoo on her lower back.

“What we are hoping is that if anybody who might be reluctant to reach out to law enforcement might be comfortable reaching out to our tipline or our email and providing us information,” McKee said.

The family has set up an anonymous tip line 541-359-5638 and email address for anyone who has any leads of Fauna’s whereabouts.

Podchaser has made a few podcasts in hopes of helping with the search for Fauna – You can check those out here:

Not only has Fauna gone missing there are numerous women in Oregon and around the county that have gone missing in the last couple of years.

It is time we bring awareness to our state. We want to continue to keep Fauna’s story alive! We would love to have your support at our peaceful rally. Hope to see you there!

Oregon Has Third-Highest Rate Of Open Missing Person Cases In USA

Disturbing Number of Missing Women in Oregon in Past 2 Years

There are 256 Women who are still reported missing in Oregon Since June 25th of 2019

Of course, not only women are missing, as there are so many children and men missing too. And really missing people is a crisis that gets shoved aside as not enough resources and is a horrible thing to even think about.

However, there is a disturbing number of women and in particular, a pattern emerging: There are 48 women over the age of 30 on the missing person list just in the last 2 years. There is a pattern and this needs to be looked into by our state and local law enforcement as well as the FBI >

There are many Facebook pages that have been created to help address this issue as many who go missing sometimes just get lost in the shuffle and we need to make sure they aren’t forgotten. Here are just a few:

Bring them home, Southern Oregon

Help Find Fauna Frey #FindFaunaFrey

Oregon’s Missing Persons

Have You Seen Me? The Willamette Valley’s Missing People

The website Oregon Missing Report highlights those who are missing and not forgotten and is a critical resource

Oregon Missing Report

This is an ongoing story and help from the public needed.

recent study found Oregon has the third-highest rate of open missing person cases in the U.S.

The study uses information from a powerful, taxpayer-funded federal database called NamUs, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System,that’s available for police and citizens.

But it turns out not all law enforcement agencies are required to use it, including ones in Oregon and Washington.

In 1987, a 21-year-old mom named Paula Davis went missing from Kansas City, Missouri. Soon after police in Ohio found her remains but could not identify her.

“So they had listed her as a Jane Doe,” Davis’s sister, Stephanie Clack, explains in a video produced by the National Institute of Justice.

She said for years her family suffered with no answers until 2009 when she checked a Justice Department website, NamUs.

“First I entered in the sex, the approximate age, what state she had went missing from and the year last known alive,” Clack said. “The last case was Paula’s and how I realized it was her was by the description of the tattoos that she had that I didn’t think anybody else would have except for Paula.”

NamUs, which helped find Davis, says there are currently 16,025 open missing person cases in the U.S. Of those, Todd Matthews, NamUs’s communications director, told a KATU reporter 60 percent are men.

“It’s harder to get news media to cover a missing male than it is a missing female,” Matthews said. “They’re not considered so much as a victim.”

study by the website VivintSource found Oregon ranks No. 3 on a list of states with the highest numbers of open missing person cases per 100,000 people.

Washington ranks No. 4.

Matthews said the top five states do not require law enforcement agencies to use NamUs. Only Tennessee, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, and New Mexico require agencies to use NamUs in missing person investigations.

“Anybody can enter a missing person in NaMus,” Matthews explained, saying that some of the more private information people enter can only be viewed by law enforcement. “We have to validate it with an investigating agency, but there’s nothing to prevent people from utilizing this database.”

Lt. Steve Mitchell, an Oregon State Police spokesman, said troopers are required to enter missing person’s cases into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC). But that database can only be used by law enforcement.

Mitchell said OSP troopers are encouraged to enter information into NaMus and many do, but they’re not required to do so.

“Our OSP website lists 1,081 current missing persons (MP). OSP’s numbers include everyone entered into NCIC, which fluctuates when runaways are found and removed,” Mitchell explained via email. “If a person persists in being missing for over 30 days, law enforcement is then compelled to obtain a DNA sample from biological relatives or from a direct source such as a toothbrush. DNA analysis for all MPs in Oregon is performed by the University of North Texas, who require OSP to enter our MPs into the NamUs system before they accept DNA for processing.”

NamUs is managed by the University of North Texas Health Science Center.


MMIW USA is dedicated to helping missing and murdered American Indian women and their families. We not only look for the lost we help the families navigate the jurisdictional nightmare that they face. We also educate and spread awareness of MMIW epidemic.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Report. This report is preceded by the Oregon State Police Report on Missing and Murdered Native American Women: Listening and Understanding Tour House Bill 2625.


The Tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) -

Here is the list of women over 30 still reported missing in Oregon since June 25th 2019

ACOSTA-KING YVONNE MICHELE575757FWHITEBROWNHAZEL509170addExpand details for this row
AKHAVUZ DANA MONIQUE545353FWHITEBROWNBROWN509250addExpand details for this row
BAKER ROBIN DIANE605858FWHITEBROWNHAZEL509130addExpand details for this row
BEZONA APRIL NICOLE373636FWHITEBROWNBLUE507130addExpand details for this row
BOYD LISA ANN474747FWHITERED OR AUBURNBLUE508126addExpand details for this row
BRASEL HELEN ELAINE706969FWHITEPINKBLUE500210addExpand details for this row
CHITURAS ELISABETH ANDREA595959FWHITEBROWNBLUE506160addExpand details for this row
CRONIN LISA NICHOLE444343FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYBLUE511196addExpand details for this row
DAVIS TONNA MARIE424142FWHITEBLACKBROWN502130addExpand details for this row
ENGLUND LAURA KRISTINA515151FWHITEBROWNBROWN509185addExpand details for this row
ETCHEVERRIA ERIN MARIE313030FWHITEBROWNGREEN508120addExpand details for this row
FINCHER JULIE NICOLE373737FWHITEBROWNGREEN501102addExpand details for this row
FREY FAUNA ROSEANNA464545FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYBLUE506140addExpand details for this row
GARCIA GRACIELA P504949FWHITEBROWNBROWN503130addExpand details for this row
GONZALES TERRE JEAN656364FWHITEBROWNBLACK503150addExpand details for this row
GREEN HEIDI DAWN434343FWHITEBROWNBROWN502135addExpand details for this row
HANSON NICHOLE DENISE353535FWHITEBROWNBROWN505150addExpand details for this row
HAWES KYLEE JO404040FWHITEBROWNBROWN505120addExpand details for this row
HEATH JAMIE LYNN343434FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYHAZEL507170addExpand details for this row
JOSEPH MISTY565555FWHITEBROWNBROWN501110addExpand details for this row
KUTZER SHAINA RENEE353435FWHITERED OR AUBURNHAZEL505140addExpand details for this row
LAZON TIFFANY MARIE393737FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYBLUE506130addExpand details for this row
LECOURS ROBIN LEE505050FWHITERED OR AUBURNGREEN507120addExpand details for this row
MADRIDTRAMMELL LUCINDA484747FUNKNOWNBROWNBROWN503145addExpand details for this row
MARTIN TAMMY DARLYNE585858FWHITEBROWNGREEN506180addExpand details for this row
MCGARVEY MISTY MAE413941FWHITEBROWNBROWN503110addExpand details for this row
ODOM HOLLY ANN353434FWHITEBROWNBROWN504222addExpand details for this row
OETTEL SARAH393939FWHITEBROWNBROWN509190addExpand details for this row
OLEARY MICHELLE TUESDAY434343FWHITERED OR AUBURNBLUE503120addExpand details for this row
PERDUE CASSANDRA FERN313030FWHITERED OR AUBURNBLUE504156addExpand details for this row
PETERS WENDY ANN545353FWHITEBROWNBROWN505120addExpand details for this row
PROBST LACEY404040FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYBLUE506170addExpand details for this row
RAEDER KIMBERLY MARIE555455FWHITEBROWNBROWN506180addExpand details for this row
STOLTZ RENAE L464545FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYBLUE501115addExpand details for this row
VANCE TAMI RAE333333FWHITEBLOND OR STRAWBERRYBLUE500189addExpand details for this row
WARD CAITLIN ELIZABETH333232FWHITEBROWNBROWN506250addExpand details for this row
WEATHERS JAZZMICA M303030FBLACKBLACKBROWN504190addExpand details for this row
WELLWOOD SHERRY MARIE484646FWHITEBROWNHAZEL503191addExpand details for this row
WENZ RITA MARIE494949FWHITEBLACKBROWN502150addExpand details for this row
WRIGHTHOUSE TINA LOUISE545353FWHITEBROWNHAZEL506138addExpand details for this row
YERENA JOVAN M414141FWHITEORANGEGREEN502170addExpand details for this row

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