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At-Home Kitchen Hacks To Enjoy

Time in the kitchen can be fun or laborious depending upon how you approach it. Here are four fun kitchen hacks that can make your kitchen time enjoyable!

Make Fluffy Pancakes: Whatever pancake recipe you use, take 3/4 of the batter that you intend to put on the griddle or skillet for each pancake and pour. Wait about ten seconds until the batter stops spreading out and then add the last 1/4 directly in the center of the pancake. This trick will give you fluffy, light cakes. Yum!

Avocado toast

Cut avocados with ease. Cut the avocado into quarters by initiating your first cut and then when you hit the pit, make your next cut. Do this four times. When you have quarters scored, simply rotate to loosen and remove the seed. Then peel away the skin on each quarter,. This way you do not miss out on the avocado’s rich nutrients and it is safer than using a sharp knife to cut the pit and tug to remove it. Avocado toast is a great healthy breakfast that is even easier to make with this trick.

Quick butter: If you do not have time to wait for butter to soften to room temperature for a recipe or dinner prep, how about grating it? Use a cheese grater to grate frozen butter and you are ready to go! Did you know that butter has beta-carotene which is good for eye health? Margarine wins out over butter for heart health though.

Great pasta: A small pot for cooking pasta will produce clumpy noodles. A larger pot with more water prevents the pasta from sticking together. A good rule of thumb is for every pound of pasta, use five quarts of water for cooking it. And yes adding salt to the water does help to keep it separate, but adding olive oil is not necessary if you have adequate water.

Did you know that pasta al dente is lower on the Glycemic index which reduces the chance of blood sugar spikes? Enjoy!

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