Easy & Cheap Ways to Improve Your Home

The home improvement sector is one of the most durable in recent history. Combined with the do-it-yourself movement and economic downturns over the last decade, it continues to soar.

It’s so powerful that the industry is estimated to make half a trillion dollars by 2024. This doesn’t mean every home improvement item is outrageously priced. Nor are the means to make changes to your property. In fact, there are several low-cost and simple methods available. Here are a few easy & cheap ways to improve your home.

New HVAC Filters

Air filters do more than remove particulates in your home. They protect your heating and air conditioning elements from failing. When an air filter is dirty it stops other items from working. Particularly the fan that moves warm and cool air around the home. An easy way to improve this is to regularly replace your furnace filters. In fact, you might want to look at local retailers and online sites to find electrostatic versions of the product. These types of filters collect more particulates. Additionally, they last longer than standard products.


Changing the color of your walls can do wonders for a room. A dark and seemingly small space opens up with a lighter shade of paint. Furthermore, switching over to warmer hues has proven to be conducive to calmer environments. Avoid the brightest colors as they have the potential to cause stress and even headaches. Look for warm tones in blue, green, yellow, and lavender. These tend to make a small space look larger.

white wooden door near wooden dresser

Handles And Doorknobs

There’s no need to replace entire doors or bathroom and kitchen cabinets to freshen up looks. While they make look nice there will always be discomfort that you spent thousands of dollars on the materials and installation. The easy and cheap way to make pleasurable changes is to simply replace the hardware. You can find decorative cabinet handles and doorknobs at a big box or local hardware store. Even the most lavish don’t cost much to purchase. Furthermore, you don’t need to hire someone to install them. All they take is a screwdriver and some patience to make it happen.

Window Dressings

Window dressings like curtains and blinds do wonders for home spaces. First, they change the look of an area. Second, they help control the environment. You can keep them closed or open in some way to cool or warm an area. The secret is to find the right ones. While blackout curtains and blinds work well to keep a home cool in the summer their dark tones can make a room feel smaller. Plus, if they’re too small or big, window dressings are harder to maintain. Make sure you take proper measurements before you make a purchase.

Area Rugs

Hardwood floors are a blessing and a curse to homeowners. On the one hand, they’re easier to keep clean and they prevent allergens from spreading through the home. On the other hand, they can be quite cold in the winter. An easy and cheap way to improve this is to purchase area rugs. The size you get depends on your room measurements. Try not to purchase rugs that take up the entire floor. Look for ones that complement furnishings and wall decorations. Also, consider their thickness. Thin rugs don’t help warm a room.


The area outside your home is just as critical as what is inside. Curb appeal is incredibly important. However, it also takes a lot of time and money to maintain its lush, green appearance. An easy and less expensive way to maintain your landscape is to switch to xeriscape. This is a method of replacing water-dense grass and flowers with rock gardens and succulents. As a result, the volume of water needed to maintain the area is heavily reduced. Thus, you have a unique look and save money in the process.


The easy & cheap ways to improve your home mentioned above are a small example. There are many more things you can do to upgrade your rooms without breaking the bank. Survey to see what needs to be freshened up. Then, find simple ways to make the necessary changes.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rayanne Morriss is currently working towards her BA from Oregon State University. She loves to write, read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills with her husband.

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