Enjoy One of the Best Wineries in the Rogue Valley with Troon Vineyards!

Some things are meant to happen quickly or go fast like a trip to the dentist’s office or a race car through the Swiss Alps in the summertime. But wine is not one of them.

Troon Vineyards takes the colloquialism, “No wine before it’s time” to a whole new level.

Troon Vineyard began in 1972 when an Oregonian “wine-making pioneer,” Dick Troon, planted the first grapes on Kubli Road in Grants Pass and started this straightforward approach to wine making.

Now Denise and Bryan White have been on a singular mission to be earth-friendly and sustainable. So why is taking your time so important to the art of wine? Troon practices a style that is the opposite of quick (the Slow Food Movement) earning them the “Slow Food Snail Prize.” To be awarded this honor means the vineyard offers a excellent quality to price ratio, respect for the land and environment, and originality.

In addition, Troon is a “Demeter certified” bio dynamic winery. What this mean to you is that they have done everything possible to protect the soil on which the vineyards depend and establish process uniformity so that customers can trust the product to be consistently good. To learn more about the certification process go here: 


You have two opportunities to sample their wines, you can visit their Applegate Winery or their Troon Carlton Wine Bar

(https://www.troonvineyard.com/taste-troon) . If you want the panoramic views and to see where it all began, the winery itself might be your first trip.

Or if sipping one of their white wines (2018 Côtes du Kubli Blanc) in an upscale wine bar is more your speed, visit Troon Carlton for a night out with friends. Keep an eye out for all their events. In the Summertime, they offer educational and musical events and even a “Sip n’ Songs” series on Sunday afternoons (https://www.troonvineyard.com/troon-events).

Whatever your speed, you have to admire a winery that is all about co-existing with the natural environment and working hard to keep it sustainable. Critics and guests alike seem to approve.

Here is a recent review from a daily wine blog (https://www.terroirist.com/2018/11/wine-reviews-troonvineyard-3/). Make a toast and say, “Cheers!” to this special winery right here on Oregonian soil.

1475 Kubli Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527



250 N. Kutch Street
Carlton, OR 97111


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