Pollinator Project Rogue Valley hosts 5th Annual Spring Native Plant Sale for the Pollinators on Sunday, April 28th


  • Pollinator Project Rogue Valley hosts 5th Annual Spring Native Plant Sale for the Pollinators on Sunday, April 28th

  • Visit the plant sale to learn more about the crucial role native plants play to support pollinators and purchase some amazing plants for your yard, garden or patio!


Phoenix, OR – April 16th, 2024 – It’s planting season and a perfect time to plant a pollinator garden with native plants that support southern Oregon’s native pollinators! The 5th Annual Spring Native Plant Sale hosted by Pollinator Project Rogue Valley (PPRV) is the place to get an incredible variety of native pollinator plants.


The sale is Sunday, April 28th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the parking lot behind the PPRV office, at 312 N. Main Street (at the corner of 4th Street) in Phoenix. Four vendors will be selling native flowering plants, trees, shrubs and grasses that support pollinators. Vendors include Klamath Siskiyou Native SeedsCornucopia Acres,  Our Community Forestry and Pollinator Project Rogue Valley. Lists of plants available at the sale will be posted on the PPRV website and social media pages on April 18th. PPRV will be providing an “ask an expert” service to customers with questions about which plants to buy and where to plant them, and find out what works for their space.


In addition to being a great time to plant native plants, April is also officially designated by the state of Oregon as Native Plant Month. Oregon has declared that native plant species are an important part of Oregon’s heritage, providing significant aesthetic, economic, and ecological contributions that make Oregon a special place to live. Learn more about the 4,700+ distinct ferns, trees, wildflowers and grasses native to Oregon from OregonFlora.


Not only do native plants serve as food for native pollinators, many are also drought tolerant since they are adapted to this ecoregion. PPRV’s mission is to inspire, engage, and educate about the ecological importance of native pollinator species and the diverse native plant communities essential for their survival – and ours. PPRV is committed to the creation and restoration of pesticide-free pollinator corridors throughout the Rogue Valley. An easy way that anyone can support native pollinators is to plant the native plants that they eat, so each year in the spring and fall, PPRV gathers the native plant community to make it easy for anyone to purchase native plants.


Plant Sale Tips:

  • Get there early, but please be patient. It will be very crowded for the first 2 hours.

  • Please – no dogs except service animals.

  • Parking is VERY limited at the sale site. You will find parking on Main Street, along neighborhood streets, and in the Umpqua Bank and Civic Center lots. Be prepared to walk a block or two.

  • Vendors are unable to accept payment for other vendors – please pay for plants in the space they are in.

  • If possible, please bring boxes, bins, baskets, or other containers to carry your plants.

  • Restroom facilities will not be available.

  • Vehicles will be able to access the area for pick up after purchase, but bringing a cart to transport your purchases back to your car is a good idea.

  • Pollinator Project Rogue Valley will have merchandise for sale (native plant books, bumble bee books, yard signs) and donations are always appreciated!

  • Bring a friend, have fun, bee brave, and try a new plant for the pollinators!


New to Native Plants and Pollinator Gardens?

  • Start small – get a couple of plants that work for your space and see how they do.

  • Ask a PPRV expert – our volunteers can help you find the plants that will work for your desired space, whether hot & sunny, wet and shady, etc.

  • Consider your space – PPRV supports urban corridors and areas in the Rogue Valley primarily, so even if you have a small area it can still be a respite with food for pollinators.

  • Invite specific pollinators – just ask for the plants that will support them!

  • Don’t use chemicals – enjoy the natural cycle which includes the bugs that eventually get eaten by birds or other animals.

  • Learn – attend a PPRV educational seminar or presentation throughout the year.

  • Volunteer for PPRV.


It’s easy to make a big difference to pollinator habitats in downtown areas and beyond. Some pollinators can’t travel far, so the more native plants they can find along the way, the better. Tell a neighbor, invite a friend – the pollinators will thank you!


Pollinator Project Rogue Valley is a volunteer-led Oregon-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, envisioning communities and landscapes working together, supporting diverse ecosystems rich with native plants and thriving native pollinators. PPRV is a growing grassroots organization serving the mostly in-town communities of the Rogue Valley. PPRV, through its educational center, propagation nursery and demonstration garden located in the heart of Phoenix, is the only local organization focused on educating and engaging the community about all of our diverse native pollinator species, making the direct connection to our native plant species and their value within and for the local  ecosystems. PPRV offers many other programs, educational tools, and volunteer opportunities to individuals and businesses within the Rogue Valley. For additional information, or to become involved, please visit  www.pollinatorprojectroguevalley.org.

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