Paradise Is Within at Blue Giraffe Day Spa in Ashland!

Welcome to the Blue Giraffe Day Spa in Ashland, a favorite in the Rogue Valley. The owners are dedicated to serving their guests in every area of the salon. Call for an appointment right now, 541-488-3335.

Julie and Nila Gaulden are the owners of Blue Giraffe Day Spa in Ashland.

“It was a culmination of both of our combined skills,” reports Nila. “My mom (Julie Gaulden) is a registered nurse and I am an esthetician who has marketing and human resources experience.” It made sense for such a dynamic duo to take on this new adventure because of their unconventional entrepreneurial spirits. “When asked to choose between Door A and Door B, my mom and I always choose Door C.” This means enjoying the journey more than the destination. It also means commitment with a capital “C.”

As a guest, they advise you to consider slowing down because the Blue Giraffe offers paradise within and they do not want you to rush. Come in and relax. 

Call first to schedule appointments for hair, nails, esthetics, and massage.

Blue Giraffe Spa

51 Water St. Suite 111


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