Emergency Closure of Two Backcountry Campsites Crater Lake National Park

Dutton Creek and Red Cone campsites, located along the Pacific Crest Trail in Crater Lake National Park, have been closed to public use by the park superintendent due to a significant number of hazardous trees that threaten those areas.

Beetle damage and the wildland fire events of the past few years have resulted in many burned trees that, while still standing, are unstable or dead in and around the Dutton Creek and Red Cone campsites. These “standing dead” trees pose a significant danger to the public and can fall without warning, possibly resulting in serious injury or death of anyone in their path. This closure is made under 36 CFR 1.5 (a)(1).

Like much of the west, Crater Lake National Park has had several large fires that have resulted in areas of burned forest. Park staff recommend that visitors avoid these burned areas because of the risk posed by standing dead trees. Dead or damaged trees can fall at any time and without warning.

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