Blair Crimmins & The Hookers Come to Town!

“Listen to me girls and guysm You can’t play unless you advertise, You gotta sell something if you wanna play, Take your songs and your melodies, Get them up on the TV, People buy most anything, You just gotta give them a song to sing”

– 2017 album You Gotta Sell Something

A multi-instrumentalist who has opened for Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Mumford & Sons will be in Ashland at the Brickroom on September 3rd. Think of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy meets Dixieland with Ragtime thrown in there and you got a feel for this finger-snapping and toe-tapping vocalist and his band. Blair Crimmins plays guitar and tenor banjo while his five-man ensemble backs him up with bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone
and clarinet.

“The very first note immediately sends the listener back to a 1920s Vaudeville theatre, where Blair Crimmins intoxicates an audience with his smooth voice and the band supports him with flawlessly appropriate musical accompaniment.”

– Performer Magazine

With five albums under their belt and Blair voted Best Song Writer of 2013 in Creative Loafing’s Best of ATL issues, the show in Ashland is sure to be well-attended. Get there early and try Brickroom’s “Dirty Fries” or “Crab & Artichoke Ravioli” beforehand or sample one of their signature cocktails like a “French” ( available at the bar.

If you happen to be at the Oregon Coast, you can catch Blair Crimmins & The Hookers the night before on September 2nd in Coos Bay at 7 Devils Brewing Company. If you want more information about the upcoming Ashland show, contact the venue or Carl Hanni at

September 3rd; $5 per person; Show starts 9:00 pm at Brickroom
35 N. Main St.
Ashland, OR

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