Spirits & Strings Dinner, Friday, Aug. 30th – Supporting Youth-Focused Musical Organizations

We are not talking about ghosts and string cheese, here. Spirits & Strings is an annual fundraiser for a youth-focused musical organization drawing students from Oregon and Northern California. Dedicated to training youth how to play and perform at the highest levels of accomplishment, Siskiyou Violins is a world-class violin ensemble.

Under the direction of Faina Podolnaya, her students have performed at Carnegie Hall as part of the New York Orchestra Festival in 2005. Ms. Podolnaya, in conjunction with her Assistant Director, Heidi Smith and Executive Director, Kathleen Strahm, expect the best from their students and lift their performers’ spirits every day with their dedicated teaching. For a sneak preview of their talent, you can listen to a performance here.

Eleven on the Creek (located at 14 Calle Guanajuato Way) in Ashland serves Pan-Latin inspired dishes. Small plates or tapas make for a wonderful meal that is not too filling awhile still offering fantastic flavor sampling. Try their “Ceviche de Atun” or “Pickled Cherry Ensalata.” They are open Tuesday through Saturday 5-9 pm and are always Creekside. (https://www.opentable.com/r/eleven-on-the-creek-ashland)

To support Siskiyou Violins, Spirits & Strings Dinner is an annual event happening on Friday, August 30th at 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm at Eleven on the Creek.

Attendees have a choice of a dinner with non-alcoholic beverages for $40 per person or for an additional $20, can get the alcoholic drinks too.

Reach out to Siskiyou Violins for more information or e-mail them at info@siskiyouviolins.org or check out their Facebook page:

Tickets are provided by Eventbrite

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