A Tale of Two Sets of Tires in Two Months

It was the best of times and the worst of times in the Rogue Valley when it came to shopping for tires! You know the feeling…the dread you experience when you must replace your treads. Where do you go and how do you know which shop will offer you the best tires at the best prices? I had to replace my tires on TWO cars in the last TWO months.

Here is my story…

It is Fall and I needed to get my tires replaced on my 2004 BMW because I ran over a screw in my driveway. Ed’s Tires located on the edge of Medford and Central Point came highly recommended by friends and colleagues even though it is a bit of a distance to get to for me. I went online and researched the tries I wanted and the prices without ever having to step foot in the door. I could even pay online if I desired, but I decided to wait given some previous bad experiences replacing tires in the past, but that is a whole other story!

My husband and I bring my car into the shop at about 4:30 pm on a Friday (only a few hours before closing time). The counter staff is all friendly when we arrive, take us on time, and we wander off to have a bite to eat at Wild River Pizza (https://www.wildriverbrewing.com/) which is within walking distance. We sat back and enjoyed a glass of beer and a few appetizers. The coconut shrimp and Jalapeno Poppers to be exact. I give a shout out to this restaurant for being close and offering good food at reasonable prices. I should also mention that Ed’s has a food vending machine, free water for customers, and a playroom for children.

Back to the story, after feeling satisfied with our meal and heading back to Ed’s, we get a call that our car is done. No problem. No issues. And even a tactful explanation of why we should purchase the tire protection service plan which covers all tires if something were to go wrong (Boy, am I happy to get that just in case…). Fast forward two weeks later, we are bringing our other car in for a set of four new tires and experience even faster service with no issues! And the total cost ended up being less expensive than we originally predicted! Ed’s gets my praise and my loyalty.

My story is based on my own actual experience and may not reflect experiences that others have had but, the lesson learned is to do your homework, get referrals and maybe call Ed’s Tires first!

Ed’s Point S Tires
2380 Pacific Highway, Medford
After Hours: 541-408-2858

-Story by Vanessa Newman

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