Renaissance Rose Costume Shop

Not the last rose of Summer, but the best and only rose in Ashland. There were two; soon to be only one location at 258 A Street. Their second store on the Plaza (37 N. Main) is closing by the end of the year ( But do not despair, the railroad district shop will still have plenty of costumes and wigs to dress you up for any occasion. If you want an “udderly” perfect disguise, visit them any time of year not just before Halloween. The variety and flexibility of staff make even Gumbi jealous because you can buy, rent, or design your own costumes from the merchandise on the store floor.

The story of Ashland’s “Rose” began in 1977 when Jimmy Carter pardoned Vietnam war evaders and the famous Great Lakes Blizzard blanketed upstate New York. Back in Oregon, Ashlanders might have been waiting for the big solar eclipse on October 12th or chilling in Lithia Park. Meanwhile, a vintage clothing shop was just beginning. Then, rather quickly, the shop turned into an outright costumes bonanza. Anne and Cliff Wilton who are the current owners can be seen around town putting on the Ritz, as they say. They have owned the lovely local roses since 2010.

What is so fun about the “Rose” is the flair and the opportunity for self-expression. If you want to be a 1020’s Flapper or Indiana Jones, you can rent a costume or seek advice from knowledgeable staff. Need hats or masks to go incognito or make a statement, they got them. But you may not know that the Rose Costume Shop does clothing alterations – everything from hemming a dress to patching your jeans. They certainly have the skills to give your favorite outfit a little TLC no matter what needs repairing. Looking to rent a tuxedo, they can do that too. Don’t you hate it when zippers on your purse or favorite jacket break? They can handle these fashion emergencies along with a bunch of others. Get all your clothing repaired at the “Rose.” Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 5:30 pm, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Although Amazon is partially responsible for the shutdown of the downtown store claims staff and management (the smoke for two years did not help either), the “Rose” is part of Ashland’s history and will continue to thrive with the support of locals. Want to watch some silly videos of some of the fun that has happened while in full bloom? Check out their Facebook page at Also, Be sure to let them know that you appreciate what they do and how they do it.

  • Renaissance Rose
  • 258 A Street
  • Ashland, OR
  • 541-708-6562

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