Top 5 Things To Do to Start The New Year Off Right in the Rogue Valley!

Set intentions instead of making resolutions:

Intentions are like rough guidelines of the terrain instead of specific destinations. You want to have an idea where you are headed, but by keeping options open, you do not have to feel like a complete failure at the end of January.

For an interesting perspective about setting intentions, check out this Psychology Today article:

Do more of what gives you joy and less of what does not:

As you look at the year’s empty calendar, choose activities, trips, get-togethers, and a work schedule that allows for more joy in your day-to-day world. If you know that taking that morning Yoga class gets your day off to a great start, do not force yourself to fit the workout in after a long hard day. Perhaps there are friends you want to spend more time with an acquaintance that you do not.

The more you make daily choices that uplift you, the better your year will go. You cannot always control who you interact with, but you can choose how to interact and take charge of your life with self-care. Maybe you need to put some events on the calendar just for you alone.

Get rid of the old and bring in the new:

The “old” can be everything from clothing that no longer fits you to old photographs that can know be digitized. For many of us, decluttering is a powerful way to start the year off right with a sense of organization and purpose. One category that people overlook is old medications. For suggestions about how to dispose of medications legally and safely, go to:

Here is a list of medication disposal sites in the Rogue Valley:

  • Rogue Community Health Pharmacy – 19 Myrtle St. Medford, 97504
  • Oregon CVS Pharmacy – 200 Crater Lake Highway Medford, 97504
  • Rogue Community Health Pharmacy 2 – 8385 Division Rd. White City, 97503
  • Walgreen CO. – 111 Union Ave. Grants Pass, OR 97527

If you cannot dispose of the medications outside of the home, consider these options.

Remove the prescription from its original container and mix with dirt, cat litter or coffee grounds so animals and children are not attracted to them. Then, put the mixture in a re-sealable zipper storage bag, empty coffee can, or container that closes so there is no leaking or spillage. Throw the container into the garbage and put other garbage on top of it. Use a permanent marker to cover your personal information or scratch it off, so that your identity and prescription codes are unrecognizable. Then throw the original packaging away.

Plan to give back to your community:

Find community service opportunities in your area. Maybe you would like to help serve food to seniors or organize a neighborhood clean-up day. Get involved in local events or consider trying something that is more global. Perhaps make a microloan through an organization like Kiva ( ) or helping a local church or nonprofit with a bake sale.

There are so many opportunities to give a bit of your time to others in need. Here is a great site for finding local nonprofits:

-by Vanessa Newman, Rogue Valley Magazine

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