Frozen Hair Rules The Day At Annual Contest

Takhini Hot Springs has been the site of the wildest winter hairdos since 2011.

Contestants have a chance to win $2000, free soaks, and more!

Entries are being accepted now, until March 8th and there are some rules. For one, the temperature has to be below -20C, BRRRR.

However, that should be no problem, the springs are located twenty minutes north of Whitehorse, Yukon.

Sign a photo release, perfect your hairdo, ring a doorbell, and a staff member will come to take a picture of your masterpiece.

Once your picture is uploaded to the contest site the sponsor, Nongshim Noodles donates 5 packs of instant noodles to the Whitehorse Food Bank!

NEW THIS YEAR! A second sponsor Tim Hortons will be adding a 5th category with the same prize as the others. It is called “Tim Hortons’ Most Creative”. They will make a monetary donation to a local NGO or charity. So get creative!

Find out more details at the website here and try your mad hairstyling skill!

Awards for the 5 categories are given on April 1st.

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