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Here’s your Oregon Lottery Numbers, Powerball, and MegaMillions.  Good luck!

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Current Jackpot $22,000,000

06/06/2020 Results 1-17-38-68-69 18 x2

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Current Jackpot $410,000,000

06/05/2020 Results 32-35-37-47-55 22 x2

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Lucky Lines

Current Jackpot $10,000

06/07/2020 Results 2-5-10-15-17-22-28-30

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Current Jackpot $2,400,000

06/04/2020 Results 1-10-16-23-25-29

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A New Game Every 4 Minutes

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Best Odds to Win $1 Million

Raffle Details

Win for Life

06/06/2020 Results 1-13-29-33

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Pick 4

06/07/2020 Results 2-1-9-6

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