Empowering through Hypnosis and Neuroscience – Alaya Ketani

“Neurons that fire together, wire together,” says Alaya Ketani.

Spoken like a knowledgeable depth hypnotherapist trained in clinical, transpersonal, alchemical and medical hypnosis with multiple advanced specializations including nervous system regulation, sports, and all performance, phobias, and skills for the highly sensitive person (HSP).

As if that is not enough, she can do complementary medical hypnosis for infertility, pregnancy, cancer, stress, sleep, pain management, and screen addiction issues too.

For those who have not “gone under” hypnosis or who have only seen it on stage, Alaya describes how the therapy works, “Bypassing the conscious mind, its defenses and limitations in order to enter that void when all possibilities exist. It is in that field that the body and mind changes.”

Once a career social worker for over 40 years with various agencies, Alaya has had her own private practice for the past 41 years. So if anyone has had experience working with people with immense struggle and motivation to change, she has.

Alaya is considered an inspiration to many having overcome obstacles herself to survive like natural disasters, domestic violence, critical injury, and serious illnesses. Just this past year, she had to use all her own techniques to get through a life-threatening condition; proving that our physical selves benefit from work we do mentally and spiritually.

“Life is a continual practice, a walking meditation, not a sometimes thing,” says Alaya. “I work for sustainable change, long-term. The skills and practices I teach serve my clients in many circumstances throughout their entire life.”

Fortunately, Alaya offers a “treasure trove” of techniques that directly rewrite the neural pathways in the brain that have become habituated instead of flexible. Yet, there is nothing more frustrating than when you are told that you have the power to shift your perspective, tackle your mental obstacles, and awaken your potential but you have absolutely no idea how to do this. That is where Alaya can assist.

“My expertise goes directly to how the brain imprints and subconsciously is directing behavior and perspectives, and once changed the possibilities are unlimited.” She elaborates: “I use a blend of hypnosis, neuroscience, Somatics and biofeedback along with mind mastery, nervous system regulation and coaching/mentoring, bringing clients to that field of unlimited possibilities, where many timelines and potential realities exist.” In other words, we CAN reinvent ourselves!

Many Rogue Valley residents know Ms. Ketani and her tireless dedication to establishing the KAWS (Keeping Ashland Women Safe) non-profit task force. After hearing about women and girls experiencing harassment and assault in the area, Alaya called together leaders in the community to form the task force with her.

In its first year, she personally responded to each and every woman who sought help and there were many. Now, the organization’s mission has been re-defined and the task force continues to partner with other agencies to bring awareness and sponsor special projects.

To find out what they are doing now or get involved in offerings like self-defense training, visit: https://www.facebook.com/KeepingAshlandWomenSafe/.

Whether you need to sustainably transform a pattern or challenge, achieve clarity, find peace, create well being, and good health, Ms. Ketani offers a free consultation to discuss working with her. She also offers several series of packages of care for different clients and circumstances.

You can visit her website at:(https://www.empoweringhypnotherapy.com/) to see testimonials and learn more about her expertise and philosophy.

Finally, her advice for anyone struggling with making changes in their life: Remain humble; dig deep; utilize internal and external resources; know that absolutely all things change, as this is life’s essential design, and watch for ever-present Grace.”

Empowering Hypnotherapy
Ashland, Grants Pass, and The Coast

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