An Illuminating Chat with Jennifer Bullock, of Illume Aesthetics

“I had just finished my graduate degree and bought myself a $150,000 laser thinking it would be a fun little hobby,” says Jennifer Bullock of Illume Aesthetics. 

Instead, it has turned into her lifelong dream to be her own boss, heal others and have a fantastic quality of life. Jennifer started out working for Ashland Plastic Surgery about 18 years ago and got introduced to medical aesthetics at that time.

Once she graduated from nursing school, she worked in a hospital critical care unit for about 8 years. All seemed to be going according to plan but she had a setback – a back injury. The fear of not being able to continue in her chosen carer sent her back to school to receive her Nurse Practitioner’s degree. 

In the next part of her journey, Jennifer started a career in orthopedics and was successful, but began to have doubts about what was best for her own well-being and family. Working 70-100 hours a week on trauma call, running her part-time laser and injectables business, and being a mom and wife was taking its toll.

The high-stress lifestyle and lack of time off were becoming more draining than rewarding for her personally. After 5 years of burning the candle at both ends, it was essential that she take a vacation and while on one had an epiphany. She was laying on a beach in Costa Rica when she prognosticated, “I’m going to die if I keep this up.” How many of us women have had similar thoughts about the constant juggling of family, career and personal health?

In this case, Jennifer, an Oregon native, who had been in the Rogue Valley for 20 years, quit her lucrative career and made the decision to dive in full time to her own business. 

Three and a half years later and she has 5 employees who assist with the operations of Illume Aesthetics. Her practice offers a wide range of services including laser hair removal, photo facials, functional nutrition, and holistic health, body contouring, injectable fillers, Botox,  hormone balancing and more. Since she is a nurse practitioner and has a passion for health, her practice is much broader than traditional medical aesthetics. 

In fact, she has a brand new piece of equipment and service coming in February that she is excited about and ready to share with the Rogue Valley. Radiofrequency Profound Laser is almost here!

This revolutionary device is a non-surgical face and neck lift that is capable of turning back the clock by 15-20 years. It additionally can be used to treat stubborn cellulite and tighten skin on the abdomen. A “Back to the Future” device that gradually reverses signs of aging with one treatment that continues to work and improve over the course of a year. Better than a Polaroid and more powerful than any of the other current nonsurgical technologies, Jennifer hopes to rock Ashland with “profound” effects. It provides surgical results without the physical downtime or the upfront investment.

They are hosting an informational event on January 18th at 11:00 am at Illume where they will be offering the opportunity to be one of the first people in Oregon to experience the technology with profound discounts up to $2,000 off the treatment cost. RSVP is requested. 

Whether you are looking for a makeover from the inside out or the outside in, Illume Aesthetics has the services any person could ask for here in Southern Oregon.

Check out their website at where you can even call for an appointment directly through your computer. 

Illume Aesthetics 

993 Siskiyou Blvd. #1
Ashland, OR

Tuesday -Friday from 9-5 pm
Saturday – By appointment only
Sunday & Monday – Closed 

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