Curb Appeal Gardens Help Homeowners Looking to Sell High

By Gardening Correspondent Christina Conway

Curb appeal can add tens of thousands of dollars to a home’s sale price and can help ensure the appeal of a home fresh on the market, securing fast and furious bidding from eager potential buyers.

A good estimate is that $1K invested in curb appeal planting can return a $10K increase in the final sale price of a home. Investing in curb appeal before a sale also increases the number of offers that come in, and how soon offers come in when a home is put on the market. When potential buyers approach a home for the first time, what they see and experience really does affect how they feel about the property. A minimal investment in curb appeal planting in the garden areas potential buyers walk through as they come to the front door is a worthwhile investment indeed.

Curb appeal planting to help sell a house often requires tight timetables and a specific set budget for landscaping improvements. In just a few days, the front approach to the home can be transformed and made more appealing. One of the things that differentiate gardens created with the explicit purpose of helping a home look great in listing pictures and appeal to potential buyers is that gardening specifically related to the sale of a home will more often require the installation of larger, more established plants to create the instant appearance of lush, full gardens bursting with flowers and foliage, appealing to the
eyes and great for photographs taken from many angles.

A mixture of established landscaping bushes creating structure in the landscape, perennial flowers that will come back the following year, and loads of color from the careful placement of abundant flowering annuals can all play an orchestrated part in making a home look stunning.

Summary: No amount of flowers out front is going to help a home sell that is showing serious red flags like foundation subsidence, a badly leaking roof, or derelict abandonment. But for a reasonable home that needs to move faster on the market, an investment in curb appeal planting can return ten times the initial investment in the final sale price, while speeding and increasing what offers come in. It is one of the best value-for-money investments one can make before selling a home.

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