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Current Jackpot $20,000,000

06/03/2020 Results 1-3-26-41-64 17 x2

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Current Jackpot $378,000,000

06/02/2020 Results 9-20-23-26-29 8 x3

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Lucky Lines

Current Jackpot $18,000

06/03/2020 Results 3-8-10-16-19-21-28-30

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Current Jackpot $2,300,000

06/03/2020 Results 1-12-13-28-42-47

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A New Game Every 4 Minutes

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Best Odds to Win $1 Million

Raffle Details

Win for Life

06/03/2020 Results 41-44-63-70

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Pick 4

06/03/2020 Results 3-5-3-4

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