Activities Slated Around Oregon for the Film “Phoenix, Oregon”

Two friends seize the opportunity to quit their jobs in order to find their new calling restoring an old bowling alley.

An historic marker will be formally unveiled as part of a full slate of activities in celebration of the film “Phoenix, Oregon” on Saturday, Feb. 27 in downtown Klamath Falls with a simultaneous livestream. Film Trail – a network of recognizable signage placed in many iconic filming locations across the state, stitching together film history,
communities, and celebrating Oregon’s contribution to filmmaking since 1904.

The sign to be placed in Klamath Falls is the 33rd historic marker designated in the State of Oregon, but only the third in Southern Oregon – two were placed in Ashland in 2020. Additionally, the program has created a large exhibit and mural at the Portland International Airport honoring Oregon’s film legacy.

In an odd twist of timing, the week of its release aligned with a national shutdown of theaters due to the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, however a simultaneous online video-on-demand release of the film resulted in “Phoenix, Oregon” becoming the #1 film in America in Domestic Box Office. As a result of the theater shutdown, the film also holds the somewhat dubious honor of being the all-time lowest-grossing #1 move in U.S. Domestic Box Office in history.

Check out the website for info on how you can watch the movie from home too:

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