Help! My Lips Are Cracking Up and I’m Not Laughing

Why are your lips so dry these days? The culprits might be bad habits, nutrient deficiencies, or general dehydration to name a few causes.

It is easy to get dehydrated and when the temperature creeps up our lips feel the heat too. This discomfort can cause us to lick our lips which aggravates the problem. The skin dries out, we lick them, and they get even drier and begin to peel and crack. Nothing like crevices on your delicate lips to make you want to scream. If they begin to bleed, then you open yourself up for infection and a miserable Summer!

In General:

Get enough liquid in you especially during the Summer months. Water is the best option and letting it linger on your lips can help soothe painful dry lips. You can also use ice cubes. Resist the urge to peel your lips because your nails can transfer bacteria to your mouth and pulling on skin pieces makes them tear in unsightly ways. Also, watch your B vitamin intake and iron levels. Stress can deplete both, especially for women. If you are low in either of these, your lips will suffer.

Natural Lip Care:

Don’t forget to clean your lips – They pick up environmental debris, makeup, food particles, and perspiration. It is best to regularly wash them with gentle cleansers and make it part of your routine every day. How about a sugar scrub? Apply white or brown sugar as an exfoliant. Rinse off and now you have softer lips and a sweet kisser. Avoid harsh ingredients that are toxic or can cause an allergic reaction. Petroleum and parabens are some examples of toxic ingredients. Natural oils like olive, coconut and jojoba are the best for soothing lips and providing the moisture they want.

Beauty Products to Check Out:

If the natural solutions are not quite enough and you like to shop, check out these products for smoother and healthier lips.
-Citrus Lip Balm available at Posh Organics located in Ashland, Oregon and online at their site:
-Balm Dotcalm by Glossier -This product comes colorless or with a splash of color choices to dress up your lips.
-Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm -This is a great product for men with lips that need a bit of tender loving care, but not color or fragrance:
-Basic Organics L-Lysine Lip Ointment – If you are an Amazon Prime member, consider this product available online only.

It is not bad to be lippy if your lips represent the best you possible, so take care of them instead of giving just lip service.

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