Walls of Time – Custom Homes, Additions and Remodeling for Today and for Years From Today

Steve Sirianni, owner, and principal of Walls of Time Builders in Ashland, has been creating homes, additions and remodels for the past 20-plus years, drawing on a lifetime of hands-on experience to craft what he calls “not just structures, but living environments.”

“I feel privileged to help people create dwellings that are not only beautiful, but healthy, environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, and built to endure the test of time,” he says.  “With honesty, integrity, and beauty as my guidelines, I offer a holistic approach to building that includes an intuitive approach to design, a sustainable model for materials used, and a finished product that feeds this generation and sustains the next.”

Sirianni characterizes his architectural style as “both contemporary and timeless. Virtually every distinct style of building has its strong points, visually and functionally. When I work with a client, I take great care to find the combination of art and function that successfully gives the client a home that is deeply satisfying — for today and for years from now.”

Working with Sirianni and his team of seasoned professionals and craftspeople is often quite a new experience for each client. Rather than serving up a cookie-cutter list of options for style, layout, and materials, Sirianni says “I look at each project as the last one I will ever do, so it is the most important one I will ever do.”

His website offers a preview of the process, with a series of questions that homeowners can ask themselves and their contractors, including important questions to ask when they talk to the builder’s references. Communication is key, he says, and everyone has their own communication style, so getting that right in the early stages of planning can make a job much more satisfying for everyone.

Walls of Time is also keyed into the most innovative and efficient building materials and systems available in the country. As an example, Sirianni says, his current custom home building project uses Faswall, a wall material of woodchip-concrete composite blocks created in Switzerland that has been proven to provide extraordinary safety and comfort benefits in thousands of homes. Faswall is a non-toxic, breathable wall system that is impervious to mold and provides exceptionally stable indoor temperatures and great sound insulation.

All of the materials and processes he uses are similarly innovative and sustainable, for a finished custom home, remodel or addition that will stand the test of time.

“Building or remodeling is a unique opportunity to turn our beliefs about how we should live into the very real foundation and walls of the place we call home,” Sirianni says. “Walls of Time offers a collaborative building process that combines experience, creativity, clear communication, artistry, and integrity to build inspired homes that reflect the visions and values of the people we work with.”

Walls of Time Builders is headquartered in Ashland. See their WEBSITE HERE for more information and a look at some of their home building projects. Call 541-840-8625.

Call and tell us your dreams. We’re at 541-840-8625

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