Coworking Space in Medford Sees More Visitors

In times of remote work, it’s no secret that coworking spaces have seen a rise in tenants. To meet the demand, coworking spaces are being built all over the country.

In fact, a 2020 report from Morningstar and PitchBook estimates that coworking spaces in the US will grow to 360 million sq. ft. by 2028, which is 4.5x larger than 2018’s numbers (80 million sq. ft.). This will be more evident in business districts like Miami and Houston, who have already begun constructing said spaces in the area.

While the growth of coworking spaces isn’t as noticeable here in Rouge Valley, that doesn’t mean that the demand for them has lessened. In fact, one of our newly constructed coworking spaces, the Medford Cowork Collective, has seen a surge of customers these past few months.

Medford Cowork Collective

The Medford Cowork Collective is a coworking space located in downtown Medford. Veteran entrepreneur Abigail Schilling created it. Her goal was to “give entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, [and] people who are passionate about something a place to come work together.”

True to her promise, the Medford Cowork Collective allows members to pay a flexible monthly rate with all the amenities that come with a regular office building. For example, they have a “Basic Coworking” membership package where you’re free to use the entire place, including the kitchen and conference rooms. They also have a day package for those who simply need a temporary workspace.

However, the most popular membership it offers is the “Dedicated Desk.” Here, you can own your own space without the hassle of paying for a lease.

An open space

Throughout the pandemic, Schilling worked hard to keep the place safe and open. Despite only launching two months before the first lockdown, she already scrambled to install higher barriers and add plexiglass dividers to the conference rooms in preparation for the reopening. She also hired a cleaning crew who sanitized the place every other hour.

And her efforts paid off. A lot of entrepreneurs have made the Medford Cowork Collective their home. Her biggest concern is how the building can only accommodate around 100 businesses at a time, which may not be enough to keep up with the influx of customers.

Why Medford?

Schilling’s success is largely because of where she started her business. Oregon is a state where the government supports businesses, no matter the circumstance, from providing resources to making legal processes easier to accomplish. In fact, Oregon LLCs are encouraged to file their documents online, making registering much more convenient. Whether it’s articles of organization or tax forms, the state ensures that business owners never have to stand in long lines.

The business is also stationed in Rogue Valley, where the government supports local businesses, especially solopreneurs. It’s even one of the locations that implemented Oregon’s three-phase reopening plan the fastest, ensuring that smaller businesses immediately got back on their feet.

Not only have these factors been very good for setting up her business, but it has also attracted a lot of creative minds into the district, allowing the Medford Cowork Collective to flourish.While Schilling hasn’t revealed any plans to expand, the local business community is happy to see her place open. If you want to drop by, you can visit the Medford Cowork Collective at 122 E Main Street. Call 541-727-1432.

Medford Cowork Collective Website, click here

122 E Main St, Medford, OR 97501Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30PMPhone(541) 727-1432

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