BioSkin Puts Skin in the Game in Downtown Medford

The BioSkin retail store is the store for all you athletic injury needs and supplies. It’s located at 135 W. Main St. Medford. Call 541-203-9231. They are open from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday and Saturday 11-2; Closed on Sunday.

Whether you are a long-distance runner preparing for your next half-marathon or a hard-working mechanic with wrist pain, the BioSkin store has options for you right here in the Rogue Valley. Although BioSkin’s headquarters have been in Ashland for over a decade, it’s orthopedic bracing and sports medicine products were only available to wholesale customers.

A desire to help consumers more directly led to the opening of their flagship retail outlet this April. They were already a leader in the production of orthopedic braces and sports medicine products, so it just made sense to have a centralized retail location where people can test products and get knowledgeable help.

Check out the product lines or even order from your tablet or phone at the website here!

TriLok Ankle Brace

Rather than facing an aisle of intimidating-looking neoprene contraptions or trying to see inside packaging you are not allowed open at the drug store, BioSkin encourages you to feel and test the goods.

Located at 135 W. Main Street in Medford’s historic district, the store is easy to find. One thing you won’t find at the BioSkin store is Neoprene. Why?

CEO Tanner Cropper says, “For the past 25 years, we have been selling our braces to medical clinics who prescribe them to patients. We’re excited to have the opportunity to connect face-by-face with our customers. His philosophy is: “People want to take charge of their healthcare and make informed decisions. The goal of our store is to help people learn how to prevent injuries, recover quickly from injuries, and use compression
products to improve overall performance.”

Director of Marketing Lorie List explains: “When Dean Cropper started this business, most braces were made of the neoprene found in wetsuits, but the same properties that make neoprene great for wetsuits (waterproof and highly- insulating) make it terrible for being active on dry land. Add to that the fact that many people are allergic to Neoprene, and something new was really needed. Dean invented a family of fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, stretchy and hypoallergenic and really changed the world of orthopedic bracing.”

But braces and orthopedic devices are not the only items they carry. There is a diverse line of products including KT Tape, OOFOS Recovery Sandals (like walking on a cloud by the way), Superfeet insoles, clothing, compression tights, and an ever-expanding product array to support an active lifestyle. If staying active and agile is your goal, check out BioSkin (across from Four Daughter’s Pub) and then, brace yourself for their down-home hospitality, impressive years of combined knowledge, and attentive customer service.

135 West Main
Medford, Oregon

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